xtra family events

Xtra Family Events’ purpose is to provide fun and active entertainment at family-based attractions. Rob and Alex create activity storyboards for any event of your choosing with the option to include a short promotional video.

Since starting operation in May 2018 we have produced for The Royal Mint Experience, Techniquest and The Vale Resort.

We have created and delivered the following storyboards:

  • Frankenstein for The Royal Mint’s Frankenstein coin
  • The Elf Snowball Fight Championships
  • The Dragon Easter Egg Hunt
  • Monster Builder
  • Knight School
  • Treasure Island for The Royal Mint’s ‘X marks the spot’ coin

Furthermore, we have created and delivered activities for the following Royal Mint licensed coins:

  • Peter Rabbit
  • The Gruffalo

Take a look at some of our videos below:


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